Day 7: I miss the crowd

COVID has kept me out of a crowd since March 13th, 2020 I tend not to like people, but love crowds, it’s an odd thing. We’re not talking about a at bar or even at some bigger party type setting, I am talking about the traditional sea of people you might find at a large […]

Day 6: What is the Essense of “Je Ne Sais Quoi”?

Defined as “something (such as an appealing quality) that cannot be adequately described or expressed,” I prefer the literal “I don’t know what” translation as it captures the meaning perfectly in my opinion. If I had to pick an idiom to some up my life, this would be it. The amount of time I have […]

Day 5: Dyslexia Is A Gift, Not A Disability

The first signs The first sign of trouble was an extremely difficult time learning to read and write. I remember being on the Hooked On Phonics program in an effort to address the issue and basically fell behind a year in school in some areas due to my struggles. To my knowledge I was not […]

Day 4: An Ode To Ink, Or The Plight Of Ink

A pen is nothing without the ink. Ink is champion here, not the pen. The pen is merely an ink delivery mechanism. Ink has contributed and is linked to just about every major event in history. The foundations of our language, society and culture found their genesis with early forms of ink. Ink links present […]

Day 3: That Time I Was Impeached As Student Council President

It’s Election Day 2020, so here is a story from my student council days Dustin’s Political Career I was the President of the 8th grade student council and during my term I was IMPEACHED. I shit you not. I totally deserved it. This was all during the Clinton Impeachment so it was all up in […]

Day 2: My 4 Tips for Dealing With Impostor Syndrome

If you aren’t familiar with Impostor Syndrome then allow me to describe it for you. It sucks. This insecurity leads to the most toxic and insidious negative self talk you can imagine. It’s a nagging voice in your head that will undermine confidence and erode your self esteem. It’s the voice that “You don’t belong […]

Day 1: I’d love to be a writer someday

Today is the first day I’ve let myself believe that can be true. While has been a burgeoning dream for some time now I have yet to act on this in any serious way. What better day than to than start my journey? My preferred and best method of communication is, by far, is the […]

My November Writing Challenge: Old Fears, New Beginnings

I endeavor to write and publish for 30 days straight during November 2020 Here I am, again. I’ve made a run at something like this before and have failed miserably to put it lightly. I’m going to have to do some things differently here if I want to succeed. Trust The Process First, I won’t […]