Day 3: That Time I Was Impeached As Student Council President

It’s Election Day 2020, so here is a story from my student council days

Dustin’s Political Career

I was the President of the 8th grade student council and during my term I was IMPEACHED.

I shit you not. I totally deserved it. This was all during the Clinton Impeachment so it was all up in my homeroom teacher’s head I am sure.

Anyway, I lived very close to the school and walked to it from a back channel so to speak. One day I ditched school around lunch to go home with 2 friends. We ended up getting caught on the way back in and they threw the book at me. I was supposed to be a model citizen and role model for the rest of the students and here I am ditching school.

I ended up with 5 days in-school suspension and then the kicker was the student council teacher forced the class to impeach me. We did the whole charge, trial and voting thing – it was a legit process. At the end of the day I was extremely popular with the class and they overwhelmingly voted not to remove me. So I was impeached but not convicted and removed. The supervising teacher was not pleased but I worked hard to repair the relationship over the year. I knew I let her down and I did feel bad about it. Win/win?

I ran again in High School for something more minor like class representative or something along those lines.

We all would make a few minutes speech about what they were going to do and yada yada yada… it was so boring and everyone hated it. So on a dare I went up there, in front of the entire high school and said, “Hi, I am Dustin Moore and I am running for student council. I’m the best qualified because I’ve seen every episode of Saved By The Bell…. TWICE!”

It worked, of course, but then the MAN stepped in and disqualified me after the fact for not engaging with the processes seriously. They legit kicked me off the team!

Needless to say my political career had met a dead end and I have never held public office since.

Another student council story, this time from a Leadership Summer Camp… yes that is a real thing.

After winning I actually had to go to a summer leadership camp for 2 weeks which was the first time I had ever experienced something like that. It was a co-ed sort of camp, but they kept the two groups very separate until the final day of camp where there was a dance. Of course nothing could have terrified me more as I was and am incredibly shy in those types of situations. How old was I during this… I was going into 8 grade so we’ll say 13/14.

Interestingly enough something happened during that camp that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Somewhere near the final days of the camp, when the dance was fast approaching, I was confronted on the basketball court over my apparent affection for one of the girls at the camp. This guy, who I had not interacted with much, gets all up in my grill in an attempt to intimidate me.

I was so confused. I distinctly remember not feeling physically threatened nearly as much as being confused. First, I had no idea who or what this guy was talking about. I was a shy, introverted kid who would just as soon fake my own death to avoid asking a girl to dance. Whatever I was being accused of I knew to be completely untrue – it was bizarre. The whole thing didn’t account too much as I was happy to concede this point.

The lesson I pulled from this is that this stuff actually does happens. People live their own reality and are more than capable of making things up with full confidence when there is hardly an ounce of truth to it. This stuck with me and was a powerful lesson about the difference between what objective reality is and what it isn’t.

It also taught me how easy a lie can be believed if told with enough passion and conviction. After that incident half the group totally thought it was all true. Who knows how this realization so early on in life affected me in the years to follow. I definitely have trust issues, could this have been where that kicked into overdrive? I doubt it, but maybe.


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