Day 1: I’d love to be a writer someday

Today is the first day I’ve let myself believe that can be true. While has been a burgeoning dream for some time now I have yet to act on this in any serious way. What better day than to than start my journey?

My preferred and best method of communication is, by far, is the written word. It is where feel I have the most agency and feel the most comfortable. Over the years I have grown to a point where I might even go so far as to say I have a knack for it.

Few things are as exquisite as the right word in the right moment. When encountered these moments make deep impressions on me. I take great pride in my vocabulary and using the best word for any given occasion.

There is no greater arena for ideas than that of the written word

All the knowledge of the world has been passed via antiquity through the written word. It’s both our bridge to the future and our link to the past at the same time. Those who have come to best harness the power of words are those who truly live forever.

I struggled with spelling when I was young

When I was growing up I was told I had a “learning disability” called dyslexia which manifested itself with a very hard time learning how to read, write, and spell in general. To this day I can not even spell words I use every day to save my life. Believe it or not, this pressure pushed me to cheat on spelling tests in school just try and survive the class.

I may do a full post on this topic later this month…

When writing, I have 2 personas – my “Private-self” and my “Public-self”

When writing as my “Public-self” I am usually behind the keyword and the output of what I am writing is intended to be read by others. This type of writing reflects directly upon you and is tied directly to your public persona.

When writing as my “Private-self” I am writing for my most important audience, myself. Writing, or journalling to be specific, is how I filter and organize my thoughts. The words, phrasing, and style of writing here are completely different from my “Public-self” voice.

Writing Pen & Paper vs the Keyword

To me, pen and paper is completely different than writing on a keyboard where you have the luxury of technology to aid you, especially when it comes to editing. Knowing that I can hack and slash the words endlessly changes my writing process significantly. Exactly none of this is possible when the old fashioned pen and paper approach.

When writing with pen and paper you bring the 2 best ingredients for manifesting genius into play – urgency and importance. When pen meets paper I just go – there is nowhere to look but ahead. The more I write the more of a flow I get in. I have no idea what is about to come out, but that is exactly the point.


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